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On your way back from hols stuck in transit with nothing to do? Let’s hope it’s at Schipol.

Dutch national liqueur producer Bols has come up with a way to keep you busy – improve your ‘mixology’ skills – that cocktails to you and me.
Follow the instructions to hear, touch, smell and see at the Bols cocktail bar and improve you nose as well as your shaker skills with filmed recipes.
More masterclasses on the web site

Gotta love that strapline

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Canadians just can’t get enough snow and ice.
Even in the summer when the slopes of Whistler are snow free (well except for the peaks) they invent the ice. The Bearfoot Bistro offers not just fabulous food and the best wine list in the resort, but continues the wintery theme with an ice bar – so far so classic. However as their champagne glasses have no feet (bearfoot?) and the sippers can’t put them down even the normal bar has an ice track so, should you not want to down your vintage in one go you can and pose it in the clearly designed ice hols along the bar.

As if this was not enough ice for your evening try the vanilla ice cream dessert – made directly at your table from fresh cream and liquid nitrogen !

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Spotted (and sampled) on the terrace of Le Saint Julien

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