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Tonight’s tasting : Château Pape Clement 1957

What a joy old vintages from Bordeaux are – still full of life

OK so I own up –  the 99 Pol Roger is not older than me !

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We solved the problem of tannins on the teeth – see post on February 2nd ‘Pearly whites’ but one swirl or slurp too many and whoops that lovely 2009 with the indelible tannins is all over the T-shirt – what to do?
First answer – don’t wear white, obvious perhaps but did you see how many tasters had white shirts on this week?
Second answer – keep a spare shirt in the car
If all else fails the third, and perhaps more useful answer, use one of those ‘wet wipes’ they give you in the aeroplane – just about the only thing they do give you these days.
Try it first before attacking that big stain right in the front, but it acts as pretty good dry cleaning fluid in an emergency.

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One of the many advantages of living in Bordeaux – along with the wonderful lifestyle, food, wine, weather (ok not this week), etc. Is that one is not obliged to scream around tasting every 09 primeur presented in the space of 4 days– we, and they, will still be here when the rush has gone home.
Less palate fatigue so able and willing to enjoy some of the wonderful wines that the properties so generously offer to weary tasters.
There were many highlights this week including another wonderful partnership between more women in wine : Christine Pariente at Troplong Mondot invited Laure de Lambert of Sigalas Rabaud to join her in Saint Emilion offering some lovely verticals with lunch; Mondot 07, 06 and 02 ,Troplong Mondot 07, 04 and 98 and Sigalas Rabaud 07 and 95 one for the foie gras one for desert!

Far from the madding crowd a great selection at the Wine Entre Femmes evening : Angelus ’95, Lynch Bages ’02, Croizet Bages ’07, Clerc Milon 2000 and Clos Fourtet 2000 in Magnum, Climens ’04 Suduiraut 98 and Guiraud ’06.
And at Château de Sours the legendary hospitality of Martin krajewski offered what seemed like the ntire neglish and scandnavian wine trade as well as his la Source and Clos Cantenac, Leoville Barton 86, La Conseillante 82, Mouton 66, Climens and Guiraud 98.

the 09s will just have to wait a little longer

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