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Champagne on snow

The theory up here is that snow, not ice, is the perfect way to cool champagne to tasting temperature. Guess what ? It works!

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Up in the Alps to find more than the tradiitonal snow and ice. Last night was the first night of the Dom Perignon Ice Bar outside the Olden Hotel. Everything from white orchids imprisoned in ice to the traditional uplit ice bar. Will it last until the thaw?

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So chocolate and Haut Bailly for St Valentine too? Nip into the shop at Château Haut Bailly and buy their chocolates specially crafted by Bordeaux artisan chocolatier Saunion, or pick up a box at the Saunion store in Bordeaux (56 cours Georges Clemenceau) and you will receive an invitation for a free visit for 2 to the Château.
How romantic!

The chocolates were designed to match the wines from Château Haut Bailly and are delicious – tested by yours truly!

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The Cabernets from Napa are just like the wonderful women who hosted us for the Wine Entre Femme symposium last weekend: Big, Bold and Beautiful!
It has been said, especially by Europeans, that these wines are difficult to match with food but I beg to differ – they are the perfect match for chocolate and I’m not the only one to think so.
Included at lunch in the spectacular cellars of Harlan Estate, hosted by Vineyard Manager Mary Hall Maher, were a selection of chocolates from local St Helena Chocolatier Woodhouse in their characteristic Tiffany blue boxes.
Jane Balentine had the same idea after an amazing Lobster Feed in the cellars at William Cole Vineyards. Chocolate cupcakes and dainty chocolate drops were on the menu.
Could chocolate and Cabernet be the perfect Valentine match?

Woodhouse chocolates - theirs more to Napa than Cabernet

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Pearly whites

So I have been tasting all these wonderful Napa Cabernets all weekend but these big young wines don’t do much for my sparkling smile.
So following the advice of my Californian counterparts I tried the new wine wipes http://www.winewipes.com. Rubbed on your teeth they have a rather revolting flavour of bicarbonate but it’s a small price to pay for a beautiful smile. Stock up now for the April primeur tastings.

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